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Dancing in the Past

History. We move through time swiftly and suddenly, often unaware how little we have left.  Our desires to accomplish immorality are always superceded by our slipping pendulum. I love to learn history.  It’s nothing more than stories upon stories of people or things that no longer exist; they have gone on in time for so long that now they have no more of it.   I close my eyes and ears on a busy thoroughfare and picture history in its place.  A quiet place. A street of long dresses and painted signs and hanging gas lamps. A place of carriages and horses and people on foot.  Although I have many favorites of past eras, mostly situated around the 1800’s and 1900’s, what I really love the most is good times mixed with beautiful places and wonderful people.

My husband and I went to dance at a 1940’s themed event this last weekend.  After the sun set, the sky turn a dreamy hue of gold and the breezes blew you to another place and time.  The event was a slow and lovely time of dancing and talking and eating -a special time when people could just “be.”  The next day was Monday and our weekend party was already history. My life and time will go on, and as it does the life will flow out of my beautiful things and my beautiful memories. No matter how good a period of life is, time fades and at the end of the night all the electrical lights are switched off. But for one special moment, in the blink of an eye, in the snap of a camera, we live forever.

My husband and I dancing last weekend.
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Skies of Purple

Fridays….The day that starts with morning of promise. The sun rests in shadows of purple as people start their morning commute.  The wind blows and now the light is hidden- gold streaking through cracks in stone. In the middle of the night, i awoke to battles of thunder and little rain echos from the drainpipe. Perhaps because of my disturbed sleep, perhaps because of my recovering week, I overslept my alarm by 40min.  I dressed and ran out the door. Now I’m near the city skyline and see gray-blues layered with pink hues. A fresh, new world staggered with modern innovation. Or that’s just me being sentimental.  Fall does that to people. And the break of day doubly so.