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A Japanese Poetic retelling

A Japanese poetic retelling from Mischievous Kiss #1, Episode 14 & 15.


Go for a walk. Buy a juice at a convenience store. Get in a fight. Do as I like. No one cares what I’m in for. Hug a tree. Cry a lot. Get passed by a white cat. “Ee-ou”– I will. Have fun together.

Forget about life for a while. I like him? Nothing in common is nothing in common. Why does every one keep asking me?! My father’s best friend is not okay. Learn to sing, “I did it my way.” You never know what happens next.



I, Sabrina, have been adventuring all about this summer. My writing has been slim and insignificant while my eyes and mind and skin have been prickled by the rains and winds of the Appalachian forest, the high tops of the mountains of the East Coast, and the serene sunset over the countryside of Maine. I have much to think about, much to write about, and much to remember. Here’s to summertime wandering….


Four Men

Four men stood in a circle on the side of a street on a sunny morning. The little town was just starting to go to work. I drove by quietly on my way to my appointment. They were all looking down.

“I think it’s a hole,” Joe said.

“Well…that’s what a hole looks like to me,” responded Jeff.

One man stood silent but nodded his head.

Larry chimed in, “Ya’ know, that’s a hole if I ever saw one.”

All four men mumbled in agreement.

An hour passed, and I made my way back home. Four men stood in a circle on the side of the street looking down.

“I’d say it’s a pretty deep hole, if you ask me.”



Lost. Lost as a bird egg fallen from the height of limbs. Lost as sweet honey bees with no flower. A hundred riddles in my mind and no guess of reason. What are the chances of finding complacency again? Perhaps I’ll find it there, sitting on a different bench. Outside there are answers under every piece of shredded bark. The water whispers gentleness and the leaves echo calm. The grass sparkles like a field of diamonds. The world makes sense in the sun.